Teacher Workshops

Reality Pedagogy

Dr. Christopher Emdin

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eD-E3z4ub0Y

Reality Pedagogy (RP) is an approach to teaching/delivering information that focuses on the cultural understandings of the learner within a particular social digital/ physical space. Teachers/trainers who become experts in RP learn how to use information from the learner to help enhance the instruction. RP consists of what Emdin calls the “6 C’s”: (1) Cogenerative Dialogues, (2) Coteaching, (3) Cosmopolitanism, (4) Context, (5) Content, and (6) Competition. During this workshop, Dr. Emdin describes each “C” and works with teachers to improve their teaching, and enhance their students’ learning.

From Rhymes To Re-Education: Hip Hop as Critical Pedagogy

The Hip Hop Curriculum Writers’ Collective

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhTPWnllsLw

In this interactive workshop participants will explore how to utilize Hip Hop pedagogy to facilitate learning experiences that support student engagement and achievement.

Participants will explore the many lessons, activities and strategies included in the teacher resource Rhymes to Re-Education: A Hip Hop Curriculum. These lessons have been created collaboratively by teachers, hip hop practitioners and community-based educators. They are designed to mobilize hip hop culture to engage learners in exploring their own identities, the identities of others, and issues of power and privilege, all while meeting a variety of Ontario Curriculum expectations for grades 2-12.

Hip Hop Pedagogy in my Classroom and Beyond

The TDSB Hip Hop as Critical Pedagogy (HHCP) Leadership Network

The HHCP Leadership Network consists of elementary and secondary teachers. These educators have experienced professional learning in HHCP and have committed to exploring this approach in their classrooms, as well as collaborating to design and lead school and community initiatives that mobilize this pedagogy to increase student engagement and achievement. In this panel discussion members of the HHCP Leadership Network will give concrete examples of the lessons/activities/projects that are occurring in their various schools, providing details that will allow interested participants to pursue similar initiatives in their own contexts. Through these presentations and the subsequent Question & Answer period participants will generate a better understanding of HHCP and how to bring it alive in their classrooms and schools.

Educational Applications of Beat Making and DJ'ing: A Case Study of Today's Future Sound as a Culturally Relevant STE(A)M and Wellness Intervention

Dr. Elliot Gann (Today’s Future Sound)

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PipkcNp_ts

This workshop will use the work of San Francisco Bay Area-based organization Today's Future Sound as a case study for the application of Hip Hop beat making and DJ'ing as culturally relevant vehicles to effectively teach STE(A)M content and curriculum, as well as wider academic and interdisciplinary content. Additionally, the importance of the “A” (Arts) in STEAM will be discussed and highlighted. This is an interactive workshop that combines theory, rationale, and practical strategies, and highlights the underlying mathematical and scientific concepts as well as technological and entrepreneurial aspects of TFS’ work. The workshop will give participants a basic introduction to beat making and an opportunity for hands-on experiential learning simulating the TFS model/methodology. Underlying wellness/mental health aspects and application