Film Screening

Join us for our 3rd annual Free Your Mind - Hip Hop STEMposium free community film screening.

Title: Shake The Dust

Date: Thursday April 27th 2017

Where: Central Technical School - 725 Bathurst St.

Time: Doors open 6:30 PM and will start promptly at 7:00 PM

More Info & RSVP:

6:30 PM - Doors Open

7:00 PM - Breakdance Performance

7:15 PM - Shake the Dust

8:45 PM - Panel discussion with J Rebel, Judi, Flex and Glen

9:15 PM - End of event

Film Trailer:

Panel discussion will speak to the themes of Hip Hop / Breaking as empowerment, resistance, and community strength

SHAKE THE DUST is a feature documentary film from director and photographer Adam Sjöberg and rap superstar Nasir “Nas” Jones about breakdancing and hip-hop culture in the most unlikely places. Ugandan b-boy Karim narrates this visually stunning tale that weaves a colorful, cultural tapestry of dance, music and stories from the drug-and-poverty battered streets of Cambodia, the untouched wild landscape of Yemen, the almost utopian hip-hop scene in the underground of Colombia, and the embattled and poverty-stricken streets of Uganda.

SHAKE THE DUST serves to illuminate the complicated but transcendent history of hip-hop itself. The story follows groups of b-boys, b-girls and hip hop artists in each of these struggling cultures who have surprisingly yet refreshingly found a voice of empowerment, resistance, and community strength in the world of hip-hop.

Hip-hop music, and the acrobatic breakdancing culture that arose in tandem with it, may have started on the streets of The Bronx, but its reach is now decidedly worldwide. SHAKE THE DUST chronicles the influence of breakdancing, exploring how it strikes a resonant chord in the slums, favelas and ghettos of the world and far beyond with a universally-appealing energy.

With an all-embracing soundtrack of international hip-hop samples (including original music by Nas created for the film) and some of the most jaw-dropping breakdancing moves ever committed to film, SHAKE THE DUST is an inspiring tribute to the uplifting power of music and movement. By highlighting the stories and moves of some of the most talented breakdance crews in the poorest urban neighborhoods of Colombia, Yemen, Uganda, and Cambodia, Sjöberg weaves together the stories of rappers, DJs, and b-boys across three continents, revealing how breakdancing today acts as a positive force for social change.

Panel Bios

Judi Lopez is the Founder and Executive Director of KeepRockinYou; an artist-based collective that seeks to inspire young women by generating new avenues for them to grow, become empowered and stay true to themselves, known for its program the Toronto B-Girl Movement.


IG | Twitter: @keeprockinyou

Joseph "J-Rebel" Hersco is a B-Boy, teacher and mentor. A member of the world-renowned breakin crew, Supernaturalz, J-Rebel has taught classes and worked in the school as a community educator, and youth worker. His current project is called Concrete Warriors witch is a Hip-Hop leadership and monitorship program for urban first nations, inuit and metis youth within TDSB's First Nation public school and EastView public school. His program is intended to engage youth who are typically labeled "at risk" by employing the elements of Hip-Hop culture while interrogating complex social issues that intersect and shape their lives.

Glendale Reyes is a passionate career educator who has spoken to thousands of students across the GTA about the importance of finding your element. He often shares how hip hop expression, helped him develop the necessary 21st century skills that fuels his career success today. To learn more about H4 (How Hip Hop Helps) visit their facebook page.

Gregory Chee-A-Tow aka Flex, Member of Bag Of Trix, Co Founder of the UBL & CEO of UBL life

I started Breaking in the 80’s and restarted in 1990. My crew was all about originality and teamwork. My strength in the crew besides my dynamic style was my ability to recognize and nurture breakers to reach their full potential. I have mentored many breakers that have gone on to either join Bag of Trix or do other great things.

Instagram @flexbtx & @ubllife